Lapidary Arts Award

In 2021 the British Columbia Lapidary Society introduced the Lapidary Arts Award to recognize the many talented artisans within our 30 member clubs. Presented annually by the Executive, the award recognizes an artisan who:

  • Is creative in methods and products
  • Demonstrates the realization that members benefit from sharing knowledge and experience
  • Utilizes novel and innovative methods
  • Showcases outstanding commitment to the BCLS
  • Displays genuine interest in others' development in lapidary arts
  • Demonstrates personal qualities such as friendliness and approachability
  • Is able to motivate others to learn new skills

* Special consideration given to nominees that demonstrate depth of knowledge in and commitment to more than one area of the lapidary arts.

Member clubs are encouraged to nominate one of their members each year for the Lapidary Arts Award by submitting an application to the Executive by October 1st. The Executive reviews the applications and selects a winner. The winner is offered a display opportunity at the BC Gem Show and presented a plaque while the nominating club receives a monetary award.


Award Eligibility Requirements Deadline
Lapidary Arts Award October 1st

Award Winners

Year Winner Club
2022 Guenter Otto Hastings Centre Rockhounds