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The BC Rockhounder has celebrated 60 years in publication! It was for a time known as The Canadian Rockhounder Magazine.

It serves as a go-to source for rockhounding and lapidary information, resources and newsletter for clubs around the province under the umbrella of the British Columbia Lapidary Society. It also contains great articles on BC history, earth sciences and features regular columns.

How to Subscribe

There are two easy options. If you belong to a BCLS affiliated rock club, then you can enjoy a valuable saving by having your copies mailed (with others) to your Club's address. This costs $24.00 annually, plus reduced postage, and ensures you receive the next 4 editions. Start your subscription at any time of the year.

If you would prefer to have your copies mailed direct to a private address, sign up for a $38.00, ($24.00 + $14.00 postage) annual subscription in Canada, or CDN$45.00 ($24.00 + $21.00 postage) to a US address. Make cheques payable to the British Columbia Lapidary Society.

New in 2018!

All BCLS members will receive a complimentary electronic copy of the Rockhounder via email. Of course, members can also subscribe for a printed copy of the magazine, as described above.

Contact us to subscribe:

Georgina Selinger

Rockhounder Subscriptions
P.O. Box 254, Station A
Abbotsford, BC V2T 6Z6

Submit an Article

We are always looking for original, well-written articles, covering all aspects of lapidary and rockhounding. A previously published story is also appreciated, but when you send it in, please tell us where you saw it, so we can get permission to reprint.

Articles should be 200 - 1000 words, and submitted to our editors via email.

Electronic submission (email) is preferred. Send the article as unformatted text (a .txt file) pasted into the body of the email, or attach as a text (.txt file) or Word (.doc/.docx file). Do not use excessive formatting (bold, italics), as the article will be reformatted prior to placing in the magazine. The Editor retains the right to edit, shorten or merge all submissions, subject to print requirements.

You, the submitting person, are wholly responsible for the content of the article. Special care should be taken to ensure correct credits, if the article is co-authored, or if you are using quotations or references from third party sources.

Digitized images should be .jpgs with a minimum file size of 150dpi or 30cm/30cm. It is often best to simply send the raw .jpg file directly from your camera. Please do not embed your images inside a Word file; instead send the images as separate files in your email.